Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fairy Princess Sprite

Risa West Is a card making goddess! I received this card quite a while ago and photographed it right away but it got lost in the insane organization of my photo files. If you ask me I will tell you I hate square cards! At least I hate creating them. But how could anyone hate this pretty?  Some people have the knack of creating these so pretty and balanced. Risa is one of them.

Risa just lives a few miles up I75 from me here in mid Michigan  and I always say we are going to meet up someday. Problem is, I haven't been up that way in over a year. More like 2 years depending on where I was going shopping.  I have heard the  scrap shop moved twice! Maybe I should make a road trip. First gotta get a working car, however.  Please go visit Risa's blog and all the links to the design teams she has worked on. This is one incredibly talented and in-demand artist.

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